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    2 products

    As the HOX'S brand, we offer the best quality and modern trousers for children. Our trousers, which we have designed to make children look comfortable and stylish, offer suitable options for all ages and sizes. We also offer it equipped with extra features suitable for children's activities.


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    Slim Fit yuvarlak yakalı kırmızı kadın kısa elbise
    Dantel detayları ile zarif bir tarz
    Women's Short Dress Slim Fit Round Neck Sleeveless
    Sale price 549.00TL Regular price 649.00TL Save 100TL
    Kadın Midi Payet Abiye Elbise Slim Fit Astarlı Kruvaze Yakalı Önde Yırtmaçlı Gümüş Pullu Bej Elbise, Giyim, Kadın, Kadın Elbise HOX'S
    Kruvaze yakalı, önünde yırtmaç detayı olan, arkadan gizli fermuarlı, astarlı ve payetli midi elbise.
    Double Breasted Neck Slit Front Hidden Zipper Lined Sequin Midi Dress