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As KRGL Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi, we attach great importance to the protection of your personal data and your data privacy.

All kinds of information and personal data that you will share with us in the digital environment during your visit to our website www.hoxs.com and your shopping experience through this page are provided by our Company with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK”), Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, It will be processed and protected in accordance with the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer, the regulations regarding the implementation of these laws and the provisions of the relevant legislation.

With this Lighting Text:

Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce,

Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers and

Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698

We would like to inform you about the principles and rules on which we base the collection, protection and processing of your personal data and your rights under the legal legislation.

Which personal data do we process?

a- When ordering through our website www.hoxs.com

  • Carrying out the shopping process, preparing the order, preparing the packing slip, shipping, updating the delivery information, delivering your order to you, distinguishing the records belonging to you that we create in our system from the records of other customers, instead of post-sales operational transactions (exchange, return, product review, etc.). Your identity (name and surname) and contact information (e-mail address, phone number, address) and shopping (shopping date, time, amount, shopping content, payment method and payment details) information for the purpose of sending you the e-invoice regarding your shopping,
  • Your identity and billing information for the purpose of issuing invoices, as well as some additional billing information if you are a taxpayer (TC identity number, tax number, personal company information)
  • If you want to make your payment by credit card, your credit card information (credit card information is transferred to the payment institution without being recorded by us) in order to receive the payment.


  • In order to detect and correct technical/software errors and deficiencies encountered during your visit and use of our website, you can use your website usage information.

we are processing.

b- www.hoxs.com membership

  • Your identity (name and surname), contact (e-mail address, telephone number) and password information for the purposes of ensuring the realization of membership transactions, fulfilling the requirements of the membership agreement that we will conclude with you, making member login, and providing membership information,
  • When you want to shop on our hoxs.com website as a member, your identity (name and surname) and contact (phone number, e-mail address, delivery and billing address information) information in order to enable you to shop using your member information without the need to re-enter information for each shopping transaction,
  • As a member, in order to provide you with the service of viewing your order history, your shopping information (shopping date, time, amount, shopping content, payment details),
  • In order for you to benefit from special membership programs and to benefit from special opportunities and offers that will be created according to your shopping on our hoxs.com website, to earn points and to use these points, your shopping information on our website, general or special personalized campaigns, advantages, promotions, creation of advertisements, campaigns , organizing contests, sweepstakes and other events, segmentation, reporting, profiling, marketing and analysis studies, advertisements and marketing/communication activities of www.hoxs.com on our website or other 3rd party environments (notifications on the Site, pop-up -up display, personalized offers , customizing user screens, advertisements, searches, surveys, etc.) your sharing is on if applicable, location information, approaches to on-site notifications/surveys/offers/campaigns, habits, favorites, likes, behaviors, preferences, search activities, segments, past purchases, cookie records, cookie and advertising identifier/ID information and device ID, payment methods and preferences, Mobile Application usage time, Mobile Application version information, communication preferences, shopping amount, payment channels, bank information where the payment is made, brand, model, technical specification and operating system information of the device used, operator information you use, survey answers, etc. .),

we are processing.

c- Commercial communication processes

In case you give commercial communication permission/explicit consent, you can use the general or personalized campaigns, advantages, promotions, advertisements, notifications, marketing activities and commercial communication activities (SMS, e-mail, search, etc.) We process your identity (name and surname) and contact (phone number, e-mail address) information for the purposes of sending customer satisfaction surveys, campaigns, contests, sweepstakes, invitations, openings and other events related to our products and services.

d- Call center and customer relations processes

To solve your problems and complaints, to answer your questions about our sexual health products, if you contact us through our communication channels (call center, e-mail, our website www.hoxs.com , social media, online messaging/voice call application, etc.), Identity (name and surname), contact (address, e-mail address, phone number), customer transaction (appointment information, requests and complaints, purchases, gifts/discounts/benefits), in the messages you transmit, in order to be able to contact you regarding them when necessary. and, if necessary, your legal transaction information; In addition, we process call center voice recordings to be used as evidence for our customer satisfaction efforts and disputes that may arise between us.

e- Legal processes and internal activities

We process your identity, communication, shopping, invoice and transaction security (log records) information in order to fulfill our obligations arising from the legislation and to fulfill our other legal obligations towards authorized and authorized public institutions and organizations.

For the purposes of exercising all kinds of lawsuits, replies and objections against official institutions and organizations such as courts, enforcement offices, arbitral tribunals in disputes that may arise, conducting negotiations and agreement processes regarding disputes, delivering the necessary information to you if you request information from us, and internal audit, internal control. and within the scope of reporting, testing, development and improvement studies, information on identity (name and surname), contact (phone number, e-mail address, address), shopping, invoice, transaction security ( www.hoxs.com membership, shopping on the site, We process your legal transaction information (correspondence and file information regarding dispute processes) and log records of permission/explicit consent/contract approval within the scope of commercial communication.

Your identity, contact, credit card information (only first 6 and last 4 digits) in order to prevent www.hoxs.com website membership agreements, legislation and unethical use, to detect suspicious transactions and illegal uses, to block and unblock them. information), your shopping and order information, and your transaction security information.

If you want to get detailed information about our company's personal data processing procedures, you can visit our Data Security Policy at www.hoxs.com/pages/veri-guvenligi-politikamiz.

  • .one.


KRGL Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi is the Data Controller in terms of processing your personal data that you will share both digitally and via communication tools within the scope of your commercial relationship and all kinds of shopping experience with our company and fulfilling the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law No. Our Company”).

Address :

Phone Number : Esenyalı Mah. Yanyol Cad. Varyap Plaza, No:61/40 Pendik / Istanbul

E-mail Address: info@krgl.com.tr

Mersis Number: 0589-0871-5330-0001

  • .2.


Our company, within the scope of its legitimate commercial activities, in accordance with the relevant legislation;

2.1. Our company's website or social media accounts, call centers,

2.2. Audio and video recordings made at company headquarters, affiliated offices, group companies, warehouses,

2.3. Cookies,

2.4. Documents submitted by employees or relevant persons, statements received, personal business cards or CVs, information shared over websites and human resources systems, applications made, visits, communications made via e-mail, telephone, fax, social media accounts,

2.5. Information and documents regarding goods and services orders, purchases and sales, storage, transportation and delivery, and electronic correspondence,

2.6. Works and transactions and notifications made in SSI, Tax Office, Public Institutions, Professional Chambers and other official authorities,

2.7. Training, seminars, events and all kinds of meetings and organizations organized by our company or group companies,

2.8. Works and transactions made pursuant to the explicit consent of the Related Person,

2.9. It collects your Personal Data in written, audio, video and electronic form through other methods stated in the Express Consent Statement received from the Related Person.

  • .3.


Our Company, Personal Data;

3.1. clearly stipulated in the law,

3.2. Fulfilling our legal obligations arising from the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098, the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 6502, and the regulations regarding the implementation of these laws, and other legal regulations,

3.3. The establishment, performance, service or commercial or legal requirements of a contract,

3.4. Data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of our Company, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Relevant Person,

3.5. Data processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right.

works for legal reasons.

  • .4.


Our Company, Personal Data;

4.1. Execution of goods and services, procurement, supply, storage, logistics, sales, marketing and shipment processes, execution and management of commercial operations, management and follow-up of advertising, promotion and similar activities within the scope of commercial activities, execution of work, arrangement of contracts and its performance,

4.2. Managing communication activities and loyalty processes in line with the explicit consent of the person concerned, performing membership transactions, sales, marketing and accounting activities, managing customer relations, conducting processes for customer satisfaction, managing marketing processes of products and services, and campaign and promotional communications,

4.3. Improving the user experience,

4.4. Follow-up of your requests and complaints,

4.5. Ensuring information and transaction security,

4.6. Planning and executing the application processes of employee candidates and human resources processes; Creation of personnel files,

4.7. Ensuring workplace and work safety, monitoring the entrance and exit to the workplace and overtime schedules,

4.8. Management of legal processes related to our company or fulfillment of legal obligations,

4.9. Responding to the requests of administrative and judicial authorities within the framework of legal legislation

works for its purposes.





  • .5.


5.1. Personal Data collected by our company; Fulfilling the requirements of the products or services sold, making evaluations of appreciation, satisfaction or complaints about these products or services and providing a more perfect service, ensuring the legal and commercial security of real or legal persons who have a business relationship with our Company, determining the business strategy and implementing the human resources policy for the purpose of; Group companies, company partners, legally authorized public institutions and private individuals, suppliers, business partners in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the Law.

5.2. In detail:

- Information technologies, marketing/advertising/analysis activities, logistics services, payment services or consultancy requiring expertise, etc. with our company's domestic service providers and business partners (call center, those who collect personal data via devices, marketing/advertising/analysis service providers, database and server service providers, internet site usage monitoring service providers, e-mail server) in order to receive product and service support on issues. service providers, e-invoice and e-archive invoice service providers, electronic message tool service providers, cargo and courier companies, warehouse service providers, banks and electronic payment institutions, legal and financial consultancy services, independent audit service providers, archiving service providers , customer support - with video call service providers and online messaging/voice call service providers),

- To these institutions, organizations and authorities with the information requested from us in order to provide information, documents and other related obligations to authorized public institutions and organizations and judicial authorities, and to use our legal rights such as the rights of lawsuit and reply,

- Temporarily keeping this data anonymously in Google Analytics for analysis and reporting of user movements on the Website;

- With our suppliers and payment institutions regarding the relevant transaction, from which we receive consultancy services when necessary, for the purposes of tracking and detecting suspicious transactions and preventing illegal transactions,

- With our business partners within the scope of activities related to increasing visitor traffic to our website,

we share.

  • .6.


6.1.     By obtaining express consent, information technologies, marketing/advertising/analysis activities, or consultancy that requires expertise, etc. In order to fulfill the requirements of the agreements we have made with service providers abroad (insurance service within the scope of cyber security, server / maintenance and development service) and with our business partners in order to receive product and service support on issues, with business partners and thus with relevant domestic and / or abroad Since the suppliers' servers are abroad, we share your identity, finance, communication, marketing, location, customer transaction, and transaction security data with abroad.

  • .7.


  1. Your rights under Article 11 of the Law are as follows:

7.1. Learning whether personal data is processed or not,

7.2. If personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,

7.3. Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose,

7.4. Knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad,

7.5. Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,

7.6. Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the KVKK,

7.7. Requesting notification of the transactions made pursuant to articles (7.5) and (7.6) to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred,

7.8. Objecting to the emergence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,

7.9. Requesting the removal of the damage in case of any damage due to the unlawful processing of personal data.

Your complaints and requests regarding your enumerated rights must be delivered to our Company's contact addresses specified in this Clarification Text, with the Application Form and the document proving your identity, by hand or via a notary public or other methods to be determined by the Board. Our company will finalize these applications within 30 (thirty) days after the application reaches us.

In order to exercise your rights under Article 11 of the KVKK:

You can send it to Esenyalı Mahallesi, Yanyol Caddesi, Varyap Plaza, No:61/40, 34903 Pendik - Istanbul in writing or to info@krgl.com.tr via e-mail.

You are responsible for the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the information you submit within the scope of your application. Our Company cannot be held responsible for not being able to contact you or finalizing your application due to inaccurate or up-to-date information (incomplete or incorrect).

  • .8.


8.1. The purchases you make on the www.hoxs.com website are under legal protection under the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 6502. Our Distance Sales Contract, which is the basis of your purchases, and the log records of the approval of the contract are kept in accordance with the relevant legal legislation. Our Distance Sales Agreement and membership agreement at any time, respectively, www.hoxs.com/pages/mesafeli-satis-contract , You can check it at.

  • .9.


9.1. We use cookies on the www.hoxs.com website. Cookies are a file stored on the internet browser or hard disk of the device used to visit the website and are used to detect the device in question. We use cookies on the www.hoxs.com website to improve your shopping experience, personalize your use, obtain information about your preferences, measure the details and content of your visit, and present advertisements that may be of interest to you. For detailed information about the cookies used on the www.hoxs.com website, please visit www.hoxs.com/pages/cerez-politikasi. Our Cookie Policy, located at www.hoxs.com/pages/cerez-politikasi , is an integral appendix and part of this Policy.


  • .10.


10.1. Our company has the right to make changes in this Clarification Text regarding the protection of personal data and data privacy at any time it deems appropriate, provided that it is not contrary to the legal regulations. Changes to be made take effect on the date of publication.

  • .11th.


11.1.    Transactions to be made on the www.hoxs.com website are subject to the Turkish Law in force at the time of the transaction. Provincial and/or District Consumer Arbitrators and Consumer Courts are authorized according to the amount of shopping made in terms of complaints made by consumers regarding the shopping made on the www.hoxs.com website, in accordance with the Law No. 6502 and related regulations.