Snap Side Crotch Muslin Trousers with Elastic Ankle Pajamas and Waist

Beli ve paçaları lastikli ağı çıtçıtlı müslin pantolon görünümü
Beli ve paçaları lastikli ağı çıtçıtlı müslin pantolon görünümü

Snap Side Crotch Muslin Trousers with Elastic Ankle Pajamas and Waist

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Product description : Muslin Trousers with Elastic Waist and Elastic Ankle Pajamas, Snap Fastener at the crotch
Product Type : Trousers
Gender : Unisex
Mold Type : Standard
Fabric Type : Muslin, 100% Cotton
Thickness : Middle
Pattern : Straight







Fabric Properties

Muslin is one of the oldest fabric types, produced from curled, fine and smooth cotton threads. Muslin, also called “Magic” by its users, is preferred for comfort-oriented uses with its fine weave, softness and natural appearance. Despite its light structure, muslin is durable and long-lasting.

Muslin, obtained by weaving soft cotton threads with ancient methods, is skin-friendly; It provides a natural air-conditioning by breathing, absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly.

Material Properties

Buttons are made of compressed cotton. Inner labels are made of cotton. The outer label is Bio Leather and is produced from olive pits. All fabrics and accessories are Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified.

Packaging Features

The products that pass the quality control are ironed, folded on a thick Kraft paper and placed in a cotton fabric bag and placed in the cargo box. By reducing the amount of waste with the pouch we produced from cotton fabric, we turned the packaging nylon, which is frequently used in textiles, into an item that you will enjoy for many years. The Kraft paper we put between our products does not leave dust and helps the product reach you as it is folded, wherever you are in the world.

Our Brand Promise

  • Original and Aesthetic Design
  • Perfect Size Pattern
  • High Quality and Sustainability-Oriented Material Selection
  • Production with Respect to the Environment and Ethical Values
  • Modern Production Technique
  • Professional After-Sales Services

The R&D studies of this product were carried out at the HOX'S Innovation Center. We draw strength from the textile experience of Anatolian lands over 10,000 years, and we manufacture all our products in Turkey.


HOX'S® is a KRGL Textile brand.

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