Backless Collarless Snap Side Seasonal Lined Slim Fit Faux Leather Short Waistcoat

Sırtı Açık Yakasız Çıtçıtlı Mevsimlik Astarli Slim Fit Suni Deri Kısa Yelek Giyim, Kadın, Kadın Yelek, Yelek HOX&
Kombinlerine dinamizm katacak sırtı açık yakasız slim fit suni deri kısa yelek, mevsimlik ve astarlı olarak tasarlandı.
Farklı tarz arayanların favorisi olacak sırtı açık yakasız kısa yelek, slim fit kesimi ve suni deri dokusu ile öne çıkıyor.
Hem klasik hem de modern stil için ideal olan sırtı açık yakasız slim fit suni deri kısa yelek, mevsimlik olarak kullanabileceğiniz astarlı bir tasarıma sahip.
Yaz aylarında şık ve zarif görünmek isteyenlerin tercihi sırtı açık yakasız slim fit suni deri kısa yelek, farklı kombinlerinizde kullanabileceğiniz mevsimlik bir yelek olarak öne çıkıyor.

Backless Collarless Snap Side Seasonal Lined Slim Fit Faux Leather Short Waistcoat

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Mold Information

The product is designed for a stylish look and comfortable wearing experience with a regular fit, high waist and wide legs. By applying a special molding technique, we ensured that the product fits smoothly on the body without using forceps. If your body measurements are between two sizes; We recommend choosing the larger size. However, thanks to the flexibility of the fabric, the smaller size can also be preferred for a tight fit.

Dimensions of the Mannequin

Height is 177 Cm, Chest is 85 Cm, ​​Waist is 63 Cm, Hips is 94 Cm. The product on it is size S/36.

Product Color

We shoot photos in our own studio, using up-to-date technologies, and we avoid corrections that will affect the color tone of the product. In addition, since we produce our products in our own factories, we purchase large quantities of fabric and have the colors prepared with our own recipes. In this way, we guarantee that the color you see will reach you.

Our Brand Promise

  • Original and Aesthetic Design

  • Perfect Size Pattern

  • High Quality and Sustainability-Oriented Material Selection

  • Production with Respect to the Environment and Ethical Values

  • Modern Production Technique

  • Professional After-Sales Services

The R&D studies of this product were carried out at the HOX'S Innovation Center. We draw strength from the textile experience of Anatolian lands over 10,000 years, and we manufacture all our products in Turkey.

HOX'S® is a KRGL Textile brand.

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