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I like it a lot
First of all, I would like to thank you for the incredibly careful packaging and shipping. The dress is soft, it doesn't seem to have any sequins, it is quite flexible and light. 163 cm, 80 kg, size 46, it was like it was sewn on me. I like it a lot . I definitely recommend it. A special thank you for the note written on my behalf.
Ş** B**
3 November 2023
Great product
It's a great product. You should definitely buy your own size. The fit, size and fabric quality are very nice. Also, thank you very much for the note that came with the dress.
P** A**
November 5, 2023
Simply awesome. From now on, I will look at this brand first before buying a shirt. This is the first time I bought a product from the brand. Everything is great, from the packaging to the quality and the careful note inside...
N** S**
7 November 2023
Fast Delivery
I ordered at night, it was shipped immediately, I received it in the morning, I was shocked. Packaging was done very carefully. The size fits me perfectly. I weigh 75 kilos and am 165 cm tall. I bought an XL and it fits perfectly.
Y** S**
22 August 2023
I love it
I really loved the dress. It looks much better on the dress than it does in the photos or on the hanger. It has a flexible fabric. It is written that you can buy a size smaller, but I think you should buy the full size. The skirt is a heavy skirt, but the lining is straight cut. If you have an hourglass type body, the lining of the small size will be tight. You can choose your own size.
D** A**
November 1, 2023


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