about us

HOX'S is a registered trademark of KRGL Tekstil. The story of the brand started with the idea of ​​establishing a design and pattern office in 2019, with İffet Karaoğlu's textile industry experience of more than 25 years behind her. İffet grew up learning the intricacies of the business alongside her talented older sisters who designed and produced Haute Couture designs. He consolidated this valuable experience at Marmara University Ready-to-Wear Department and shared it with the leading companies in the sector.

KRGL Tekstil, founded in Istanbul by İffet Karaoğlu, who is known as one of Turkey's best modelists, quickly turned into a structure that produces high-quality costumes and exports them to more than 15 countries.

In this process, the Karaoğlu family, observing that the world's ready-made clothing industry has turned into a structure that imposes designs produced with low-quality materials and cheap labor in underdeveloped countries on the consumer and forces them to consume new ones by rapidly consuming them, focused on the dream of offering a non-destructive alternative to the world. KRGL's idea of ​​launching a Women's Fashion Brand from Turkey and selling it to the whole world became reality with HOX'S after an extensive preparation period.

"We like to think differently, question existing designs, be open to experience and dare to make mistakes, always with good reason. We are not perfect... but we are determined to improve things in the world of fashion."

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