about us

The HOX'S concept was born from the idea of ​​offering ready-to-wear products and accessories that fit the budget of many, not just a limited community. Focusing on representing the concepts of design, functionality, quality and value at the highest level by focusing on sustainability, the HOX'S concept is effectively applied in all of the R&D, design, material supply, production, packaging, distribution and after-sales processes. Our goal is to enable more people to use intelligently designed, high quality, health and environmentally friendly products.
The concept of HOX'S is reached in many different ways: We are always very close to our customers through our stores in the marketplaces around the world, our website, our IOS / Android mobile applications and our social media accounts.
Touching the hearts of millions of people around the world today, HOX'S has a birth story like every successful brand. Did you know that HOX'S started its adventure in a 12 square meter room of a house in Istanbul, very modestly, with small steps and big dreams? Did you know that we produce our own designed and developed products only in our own facilities with respect to universal values ​​and offer them for sale? Here is our story…
HOX'S was founded in 2020 by İffet and Deniz Karaoğlu. İffet Karaoğlu, who started to grow up and specialize with her sisters who were dealing with textiles from a very young age, shared this experience, which she reinforced in Marmara University Textile and Ready-to-Wear Department, with textile companies for 25 years, by creating a personality that produces "creative and innovative" approaches to daily problems. This unique heritage from the past is one of the points that gives an idea about the style and the secret behind HOX'S's success.