Payment methods

You can make your payment at Hox's by choosing any of the payment methods you want, such as credit card, debit card, gift voucher, money order and EFT.

Credit card

You can make your payment in Erotic Shop Private Tab with 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12 installments options.

You can pay with your credit card with the assurance of iyzico . For payments made by credit card, you can use the card you want in cash or in installments. After entering your card information, you can choose the installment options you want.

ATM card

You can make your payment with a debit card in the Sex Shop Incognito Tab.

You can pay for your order with your bank card with the assurance of iyzico . All debit cards are accepted at Hox's.

Wire Transfer / EFT

You can buy products such as vibrators, sex toys, kegel balls, penis rings in the Incognito Tab by wire transfer or EFT.
At Hox's, you can pay for your shopping with EFT or Wire Transfer methods. For this, you need to select the "Bank Transfer" option in the payment step. When you select this option, you will see the account to which you need to send the money in the amount of the order amount. You can send the order amount to our İşbank account. Please do not forget to write your order number in the description section.

Our Bank Account Information:

Buyer: KRGL Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company

Is Bank

IBAN: TR21 0006 4000 0011 3620 1122 84

Things to Consider During the Money Transfer/EFT Transaction
  1. Make sure you fill in the Recipient Name and IBAN information correctly.
  2. The amount you will send should be added to the total amount of the products in your order, including the shipping fee.
  3. Do not forget to write your order number in the description section.
  • Your bank may charge a fee for the Money Transfer/EFT transaction.
  • The processing date of money order/EFT orders is not the date the order is placed, but the date when the payment is seen to reach our bank accounts.

Gift coupon

You can shop in the Incognito Tab using your Gift Coupon.

Depending on the balance in your gift coupon, you can pay some or all of your order amount with your gift coupon. When you enter a valid coupon code at the checkout step, your coupon amount will be automatically deducted from the order amount.